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I want to know why it's cold on the floor of my house. It was made on OSB plate and with metal beams (IP I think it's called that). In addition there is moisture that appears in winter and the artisans who did the work did not isolate the ceiling of my garage on which the floor runs. I first posed floating floors with sub sound phonic layer but apparently it was not adapted.Quitte to start all over again I'm looking for a powerful insulation and durable but can not find answers between the different sites: you need a vapor barrier or not, wood fiber board or cork, etc. In addition the moisture rises on the wood doors and it worries me a lot. Hoping for an answer from you.

The main problems seem to come from the absence ofhigh floor insulation of the garage. This isolation can be achieved in different ways:
- either by fixing the insulation directly under the floor,
- either by resting theinsulation on a metal structure or woodshe herself fixed to the floor.
You can use all the insulators: glass wool, Rockwool, expanded polystyrene, wood wool, polyurethan foam, etc., knowing that polyurethane foam is currently the most effective insulation for a given thickness. The vapor barrier is not essential.
In the absence of photos and details, the cause of moisture at the bottom of doors is difficult to diagnose remotely.

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