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The houses on the ground floor, with crawl space or floor but without floor insulation and tiled are very cold. The ground is freezing.

The only solution is to "cut" the cold over.

The simplest solution with minimum work, but that will improve a little:
laying of thick plastic cover that will cut the cold, or floating floors on insulation 3 or 6 mm. there is a little better. valid for rooms and living room. For cooking better the plastic coating.

or, to make a light reinforced screed with a grid, minimum thickness 4 cm, it is possible to put under it, a depron type insulation of 3 mm, so that the cold of the ground is a little cut compared to the lightened screed, which isolates all likewise. And on it can be tiled or ask floating floors always better except in kitchen or bathroom.

other solution: 3 cm thick battens fixed to the floor, and between styrodur of the same thickness, agglomerated bouveté over, and floating floor or plastic coating. In this case the tiles are not recommended.

If you raise the floor, you have to cut the interior doors, and pay attention to the doors that can not be cut. If the windows are old, we can take the opportunity to replace them and keep the threshold higher. The sliding bays are less troublesome, they do not encroach on the room when opened, and in addition, they have a rim of about 5 cm, in general.

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