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System D gives you a hint to keep your frames and paintings up and running.

Frames aligned

Cut a piece of foam tape

  • Take a sealing foam roller for door or window.
  • Cut pieces of foam tape about 1 cm long. Only two pads per frame are needed.

Remove the protective film from the piece of foam

  • Remove the protective film a few centimeters in length.

Place a pad in a lower corner of the frame

  • Place a pad a few millimeters from the edge in the lower two corners of the frame.
  • Press firmly to ensure sticking.

How to keep frames aligned to the wall: wall

  • Hang the frame on the wall. Slightly compressed by the weight of the frame, the foam is almost invisible, even seen from the side.

Frames will be more stable away from a door or window and on a thick load-bearing wall rather than a bulkhead.

Video Instruction: The best way to hang your picture frames straight and in a row