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Aesthetic, warm, authentic, it is good to gather around the fireplace in winter, with family or friends. But when it is the main heat source of the home, it is essential to ensure that there is no heat loss. How to proceed? Here are some tips, from the most simple and accessible to the most expensive.

How to keep the heat of a chimney?

How to keep the heat of a chimney?

Arrange your interior to keep the heat of your fireplace

In a house or apartment, there are many air leaks that drive up your heating bill. Poorly insulated windows, poor indoor air quality, very old wooden floors, all these small details can quickly weigh in the energy balance.
So there are simple solutions that you can put in place and that will easily allow you to keep all the heat that your fireplace gives you:

  • Replace or embellish your soil withcarpet or carpet which will be in addition to the greatest comfort for your feet
  • Add some curtains or shutters to your windows
  • Insulate your front door using a foam adhesive joint for example

Of course, you can choose to implement larger transformations such as changing your windows. It all depends on the budget you want to allocate and your status as an owner or tenant.

The heat recuperator

If you have an open fireplace, heat loss is important. Indeed some of this heat is diffused in your interior and more than half of the rest is evacuated by the chimney. Installing a fireplace recuperator is a good compromise if you do not want to opt for a closed fireplace or insert. He will suck the air out of the room before warming it up and jogging it.

If, on the other hand, you already have a closed fireplace or an insert, the heat recovery unit can allow you to gain a few more degrees or even redistribute heat to other rooms in your home..

Prices generally found on the Internet range from € 100 to over € 1000 with an average price of around € 300. Faced with this range, do not hesitate to seek advice from a professional who can guide you to the most appropriate solution, offer a quote and proceed to the amenities with all the necessary precautions.

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