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Synthetic turf is an effective way to obtain a semblance of plant soil which will be easy to maintain and soft green all year round! You can turn to synthetic grass roll, easy to install.

How to put artificial turf on a roll?

How to put artificial turf on a roll?

Prepare the ground before laying synthetic grass in roll

If you want to ask synthetic grass roll in your garden, on your balcony or terrace, you will have to start with prepare the soil. To do this, you will follow a few steps:

  • Remove all existing herbs and plants using a weed killer, or removing them manually;
  • Then you go plow the earth turning it 5 to 10 cm deep;
  • Level the floor as much as possible by leveling the ground;
  • If you have trouble leveling the soil, pour a mixture of sand and gravel and start leveling again;
  • Use the lawn roller for compact the soil.

Put the artificial turf on the ground

To put your synthetic turf in a roll, you will have to start with unroll the turf roll, taking care to keep the same meaning. Then spread the grass using the grass roller to flatten. You must then fix the grass, and the fixing system will depend on your soil. If you want to lay your grass on soft ground such as soil or gravel, use fasteners such as nails or staples adapted, taking care to fix the ends correctly, and placing a fixation every 40 cm approximately. If you want to lay your grass on hard ground such as a terrace or balcony, you will have to fix the ends of the grass roll with ankles to hitdo not forget to glue the fittings, with double-sided tape, or glue, for example.

Laying synthetic turf in roll: finishes

After putting your artificial grass in a roll, the hairs will be flat and the result will not be harmonious yet. If you do not want to wait for the hair to stand up straight, you can brush your synthetic grass using a broom or a small brush depending on the size of your lawn. This will straighten the hair and you will immediately get an aesthetic turf. You can also use this method as soon as you find that the hairs of your grass are too flattened.

Video Instruction: How To Install Synthetic Turf