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The garden is a place for relaxation but also for conviviality, and as such, you must take care of the lighting as well as the interior of your home. How to light a garden? What are the main sources of light? What intensity of light to choose?

How to light a garden?

How to light a garden?

Create a bright alley in your garden

If your garden has a driveway leading to or through your house, you may want to consider light it so that it is visible during the night, and to brighten up your garden. Favor soft lighting and not too powerful, and install lighting posts on both sides of the driveway of your garden at regular intervals, taking care not to install them too high. If your garden has a staircase, go without hesitation for spots that you place between each step in order to bring a surprising deco effect, but also to allow the people who borrow it to better locate the steps in the night.

Light up the trees in your garden

If your garden benefits from trees, make the most of the volume of these trees and highlight them in illuminating them directly. For this, you can choose to install spots that you will plant in the ground, or lighting bars that will remain at the ground level and will be placed at the foot of the trunk of the tree and directed towards him in order to highlight it. Be that as it may, turn to LED lights that are not too strong, and prefer white lighting.

Lighting a garden: fix wall sconces

It is also essential to install lighting on the walls of your house in order to be able to illuminate your terrace and more generally the areas of passage and frequented the garden. Note that these wall lights also have a decorative function and you will have to choose them according to your exterior decoration so as to harmonize the whole.

Install lights in pots and planters

Your garden certainly benefits from some pots and planters in which you have planted flowers and all kinds of plants. Highlight them by installing lighting sources directly into these containers, for example by installing spots that you plant in the soil contained in pots and planters, or by opting for backlit pots which will themselves diffuse light.

Install ambient light notes in different places

Finally, do not forget to install various ambient light sources, for example by choosing to install a light string above the table or the garden furniture when you receive guests, chic lanterns or even light bulbs to put on a table or directly on the ground.

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