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To work properly and for a long time, a chainsaw must be regularly maintained. Otherwise, the chain, guide and motor may wear prematurely.

maintenance of a chainsaw

clean the housing

  • To clean the housing, loosen the two nuts.
  • Operate the upper lever to disengage the brake.

drive case

  • Remove the drive housing.
  • Remove the sawdust and oil agglomerated inside using a screwdriver.

Clean the groove of the guide

  • Remove the chain and the guide.
  • Clean the groove of the guide with a brush soaked in white spirit and then with a knife.

clean a chainsaw

  • Clean the chain drive mechanism and the inside of the housing with white spirit before reassembling it.

clean the chain of a chain saw

  • Replace the crankcase nuts.
  • Actuate the adjustment screw to act on the lug which tends the chain.
  • Tighten the nuts.

clean the engine of the chainsaw

  • Unscrew and remove the hood to clean the clogged engine at the exhaust.
  • Scrape with a knife.

remove the lid and the filter

  • Remove the lid and the filter.
  • Replace it after having washed it with white spirit, wrung out by hand and impregnated with motor oil.

Clean the electrodes of the candle

  • Clean the spark plug electrodes with a wire brush.
  • Adjust their spacing using the gauge (0.5mm).

Check points

• The air filter. It is often in the form of a block of foam. Dirty with sawdust dust, it must be washed; unlike paper filters that clean with compressed air.
• The exhaust outlet. Facing the exhaust ports, the silencer is held by two studs. Its removal allows to eliminate by scraping any deposits of scale.
• The launcher. If the handle does not return fully, the return spring may be "tired". Before changing it, we can try to shorten the cord.

How to remove a hard layer of resin, due to large sizes of softwood, on a hedge trimmer and chainsaw?
Christian Pessey's answer:
It exists different products of the trade bombs that clean and prevent the resin from sticking to the blade of a hedge trimmer. Do not wait until it is dirty to act.
Ideally, the blade should be cleaned and lubricated each time it is used on softwoods. If this is not the case, intervene now without waiting for the arrival of winter.
Disconnect the power supply from the machine or remove the spark plug if it is a thermal engine model. If the resin has built up and hardened, soften it by heating the blade with a heat gun. Clean the blade with a commercial product or with gasoline or oil. Lightly oil the blade and put it back in its sheath.

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