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A heat pump requires regular maintenance to maintain its proper operation and extend its life. The maintenance of a heat pump requires regular maintenance that you can do yourself but the annual visit of a technician is mandatory for a more in-depth examination.

How to maintain a heat pump?

How to maintain a heat pump?

Why maintain a heat pump?

Like any appliance that works with an engine, the heat pump needs regular maintenance to ensure proper operation, maximum efficiency and longer service life. A heat pump that would not be maintained could quickly become dangerous for its users and lose in performance. There are different ways to maintain your heat pump. The first is regular maintenance and the second is maintenance by a professional. Both are essential to keep your heat pump in good condition.

Heat pump: daily maintenance

Even if it is more than advisable not to repair your heat pump yourself in the event of a breakdown, you can check the outside module of your aerothermal pump yourself. Check regularly that the air vents are not obstructed by dead leaves or branches. Also clean grills and hoses regularly with a damp sponge and washing-up liquid. Rinse with clear water with a sponge but never with large water to avoid wetting the engine. In winter, check also if frost does not prevent the outdoor unit from working properly.

Maintenance of a heat pump: regulations

First of all, be aware that the decree of March 31, 2010 has made mandatory verification by an independent technician heat pumps with a cooling capacity exceeding 12 kW (greater than 2 kg of refrigerant). A technician must come to your home once a year to check that your heat pump is working properly. It checks in particular the tightness of the circuit containing the refrigerant liquid because it is very polluting and harmful to nature.
The technician also checks the compressor and the general performance of the heat pump. Reversible heat pumps must be inspected twice a year and once every 5 years they must be checked by an independent technician who does not work for the manufacturer or the installer.
To have your heat pump serviced by a technician, count around 200 euros a year with an emergency service included.

Video Instruction: Professional Heat Pump Maintenance