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To have a beautiful lawn in any season, maintenance is essential, at the risk of seeing it yellow or overgrown with moss and weeds, especially the first few months after the establishment of grass. How to maintain one's lawn? M-Habit advises you.

How to maintain a lawn

How to maintain a lawn

Lawn mowing

Mowing is the first essential maintenance of turf, on the one hand because it promotes its beautification and strength, and secondly because it avoids the growth of moss and weeds. To do this, mowing periods and frequencies depend on the nature of your lawn and your location.

For a pleasure garden, mowing takes place as soon as the height of the lawn is between 4 and 6 centimeters, is once a week on average between March and October, and every 10 days approximately in summer. For ornamental gardens or golf courses for example, it is done twice a week or more.

In order not to be mistaken, it is advisable to keep the maintenance manual of your lawn. Finally, it is advisable in all cases to avoid morning clippings so as to facilitate the operation, the lawn being wetter at this time of the day.

Watering the lawn

Watering is then fundamental for maintain soil moisture which any turf needs and thus prevent him from drying out and then yellowing. In the same way, the frequency and quantity of water brought to your lawn also depends on the type of grass, the nature of the soil, the season and each climatic zone.

Two principles are also preferred. It is recommended to water your lawn regularly, not only during drought. In addition, watering should be done preferably in the evening or at night to avoid evaporation of water, and if possible by using rainwater with a recuperator.

Grass fertilization

Fertilization makes it possible to provide the grass with nutrients necessary for its development but also to limit the proliferation of weeds. To do this, it is advisable to opt for a special lawn turf or slow progress for action on the longer term.

As for the application, this is done twice a year, in early spring and autumn, and in the quantities indicated on the product packaging. In addition, after fertilization, the grass should be watered so that the fertilizer enters the soil.

Grass treatment

Finally, a turf treatment can be carried out, even as a preventive measure. Indeed, weeding once a year, preferably in the spring or in the fall, is recommended to remove mosses and weeds, manually or with a specific product.

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