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I'm 84 years old, I've been tinkering since, and still, still, at the age of 17 when I came back from evacuation, in 1994, I built a tray that I had tried in France.

I did a lot of things for my children, as I never had the means to buy a woodworking machine, I used what I had, a circular saw, my manufacture, a drill more a foot, a belt sander, that's all. I used my drill to take a turn and to finish a miter saw it's over.

So to make an assembly to put wood, it is necessary a drill and are foot, a drill for steel, which one removes the (cutting) sharp and one sharpens the drill so that it is flat, attention to respect the release to the back. Using my miter saw, after tracing the location of my nicks, I saw up to +/- exact depth.

With the help of a carpenter's chisel I remove the wood as close as possible without exceeding the saw marks.

Using my drill fixed on my foot and my drill attached to the mandrel, I use this drill as (a strawberry) and in a movement back and forth I remove the wood without removing too much at once, until 'to the desired extent.

I do this job at every piece of the assembly and I arrive at a PERFECT job.

I suppose you understood my explanation. Thank you for answering Papy Gilbert 84 years

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