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How to install a dry screed with Placosol or Vermaspha for the floor of a terrace transformed into a veranda? Should we add insulation before laying the floor (vinyl type)? Are there floors that contain insulation? How to proceed?

To make a dry screed in a veranda, it must already be ensured that the extra thickness produced (up to 5 to 6 cm) will not hinder the opening of the doors (if it were the case, it would be necessary to detach them). We must also ensure that the shape, for example Vermaspha, which will help to find the horizontality, may well be blocked at the openings (which will create a small step at the threshold of the doors). Adding an insulation is theoretically possible, but here again the constraint of the extra thickness. Otherwise, all insulators that are hard and insensitive to moisture, such as EPS or polyurethane foams, are perfectly suitable.

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