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When installing the attic of a house, we put OSB on joists and it seems that the sound insulation is quite mediocre. Installing Fermacelle plates with rock wool is it a good idea? Is it possible to lay an OSB floor on Fermacell itself placed on OSB in order to paint it for a room? Sound insulation will be lost? Can the OSB be glued to the Fermacelle or is it underlay? Should we leave the Fermacell for another sound insulation?

You touch the problem # 1 simple wooden floors: their bad sound insulation. The solution that you propose to remedy this problem is technically good, and you can perfectly apply OSB to Fermacell or any other insulated floor plate system. The simplest, rather than sticking, is to directly screw the OSB plates into the Fermacell. However, the best way to improve the acoustic insulation of a wood floor, OSB board, particleboard or other could be to establish a dry screed of a few centimeters, with a specific plasterboard finish for the floor. ground. You will avoid the effect of mille-feuilles.

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