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To place in or out, kokedama is a floral arrangement inspired by Japanese art. Very aesthetic and very decorative, it also requires very little maintenance. Discover what kokedama is, how to make it, which plants to choose and how to maintain it on a daily basis.

How to make a Kokedama?

How to make a Kokedama?

What is a kokedama?

Born in the early 90's, kokedama is a floral art from Japan. It is the result of the blend of bonsai art and Neirai technique. This technique involves removing a bonsai from its pot, placing it on a flat surface and covering the earth roots. Naturally, the earth eventually becomes covered with moss. Kokedama was inspired by this technique to create original floral compositions. The plants are placed in spherical shapes wrapped in moss and filled with a substrate. They are then placed on a decorative support but it is also possible to hang them.

Making a kokedama: instructions for use

To make a kokedama, you will need:

  • of a bucket plant with its roots
  • from clay to bread
  • potting soil
  • natural moss
  • hemp twine
  • nylon thread
  • scissors
  • gloves
  • a bowl
  • a salad bowl
  • some water

Cut a slice into the clay loaf, crumble the clay in the bowl, add a little water and let stand overnight to obtain a soft dough
Remove the plant from its pot, remove some soil and cut the roots a third of their length if they are too long.
Surround the roots with some foam and hold it with a piece of string
In the salad bowl, add the same quantity of potting soil and moss to the clay. Stir to obtain a thick paste. Model it with your hands and form a ball around the roots of the plant.
Add a layer of rehydrated foam to the ball of soil and press well for perfect adhesion.
Surround the ball with nylon thread and tie a knot.
Soak the kokedama in a little water and let it drain.

Which plants for a kokedama?

To make a kokedama, choose a plant that does not require frequent watering and whose roots are not too sensitive like asparagus, dwarf palms or dwarf succulents.

How to maintain a kokedama?

Weekly watering is enough to soak your kokedama in a little water. Do not hesitate to inquire as each plant has different needs. Avoid placing your kokedama in full sun or in a draft. Well maintained, a kokedama has a shelf life of 2 to 3 years. At the end of this period, it is necessary to remake the earth ball because its nutrients will have been exhausted.

Good to know: the moss of a kokedama is purely decorative and does not protect the roots of the sun or the cold.

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