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We live in an apartment for 3 years, built in VEFA, with large wooden terraces with sealing on garages on the ground floor. We have a proliferation of mosquitoes. Since delivery impossible to use these terraces. There is regulation evacuation, but the slopes are debatable. Water retention, flowers, rotten leaves. Can not access to clean. What is the solution: ask a suitable tile (estimate 500 kg on 23m2)? Is this allowed? What are the formalities? We have no hope of communal treatment.

A three-year-old apartment obviously benefits from the ten-year guarantee which should guarantee the normal use of your terraces. So you can try to play the game damage-work guarantee with your insurer, even if the problem noted does not compromise the strength of the work. Continuous paving can be a solution, but it is not for you to decide or fund such an operation, assuming it is the most appropriate solution. The condominium trustee must be seized, waiting to bring the issue to the agenda of a assembly of co-conspiracy.

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