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I want some advice for the realization of a wall of fence in banpa blocking of about 15 m long on 2 m of height with a deduction of earth of 1.70 m of height, knowing that at the edge of the wall There is a thuya hedge. Should expansion joints be provided? If yes, how many meters? What is needed for rainwater runoff?

The project description shows that this is a real retaining wall. Such a work can not be improvised. More than expansion joints, it is important to calculate the foundations of the wall to resist land thrust and overthrow. The sizing of these foundations depends on the height of the wall, the height of the land that will put pressure on this wall, but also the type of soil (a soil study is therefore indispensable). Only a concrete design office is able to quantify such a work. It is the same for the flow of rainwater, depending on the constitution of the land, the slope and the immediate environment.

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