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I have to put a wooden pallet deck on an outdoor tile floor. How much do I have to raise my pallet boards off the ground to avoid moisture and should I put a water repellent on my pallets?

You do not specify whether you plan to de-bone the pallets or use them as they are. In the first case, you will only use the planks and must in any case fix them on joists or joists. It is also possible to separate them from the ground with blocks placed flat on the ground and half-buried, as is done for the installation of a garden shed. In the second case you will use the pallets as-what, which solves the question of the distance with the ground.
In all cases, to hope for a good durability of a wooden deck, the following points must be respected:
- the wood of the terrace must be at least 10 cm away from the ground so as not to be degraded by moisture
- the wooden boards must be spaced far enough apart to allow the flow of water
- the wood must be treated with a saturator

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