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To realize a terrace of 40m ² (4m on 10m) along a house with a ground is clay on a great depth (+ of 10m).
What method to use to have the least crack with time and climatic variations?
- foundations + screed;
- foundations + slabs + screed;
- sand bed or gravel + slab of tiles;
- plots + wooden terrace.
It is a flat ground, in the state for more than 20 years so packed, micro piles were made 10 years ago at home because it had moved. We do not want to secure the terrace at home so as not to create a new constraint.

To make a terrace on a clay soil, several methods are possible, heavy or light, you have summarized most of the possibilities:
- the solution foundations + sledge + screed is technically consistent but expensive and it assumes deep foundations to avoid cracking under the effect "swelling - shrinkage" of the clay;
- The solution sand bed + gravel + tiles is economical and simple to implement. But it does not make the terrace independent of any movement of the soil.
- the wooden floor and deck solution is a good alternative technically / economically. Again, the use of adjustable studs must allow for any subsequent upgrades.

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