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The manufacture of this squirrel on wheels requires a short day of work. A useful toy to develop the sense of balance and physical strength of toddlers who take their first steps.

Toy in the shape of squirrel on wheels.

Necessary material

  • Pencil
  • Compass
  • Grated
  • Cutter
  • Handsaw
  • Screwdriver
  • Screwdriver-unscrewing
  • Jigsaw + jigsaw blades + straight cut blade
  • Metre
  • réglet
  • Drill + drills
  • Plywood falls 12 and 15 mm thick. or laminated parquet board
  • Fir plank of section 90 x 20 mm
  • Block of exotic wood or beech
  • Fir cover section 15 x 15 mm
  • A nut
  • Ø 2 mm rod or man head nail
  • Satin cream acrylic paint
  • Putty glue for the eyes
  • Countersunk head screw PZ2 + 2 countersunk head screws Ø 5 x 45 mm + 2 washers of 5 mm
  • Screw Ø 3 x 50 mm to cut after assembly
  • Tightening + lock washer
Thanks to the Maxi Toys store (75019).

Difficulty: 1/4
Cost: a few euros
Time: 1 day

To make a toy, we can bet on a low manufacturing cost, without neglecting the quality. A few drops of plywood (15 mm thick), laminated parquet flooring (12 mm), a fir tree board and a few screws were enough to make this push toy.

A toy to push

Its advantages? The little ones can follow it with their eyes, unlike the traditional toy to shoot. A simple aluminum floor scraper serves as a maneuvering rod, easy to operate. Its point of attachment is in a wooden block attached to the sole at the back of the body of the animal. Consisting of three elements screwed to each other, the handle of this cane can grow in size as the growth of the child. Convenient!

From drawing to manufacturing

We begin with a sketch in pencil on grid paper. The transfer to a plywood drop is done by sliding a carbon paper (blue) under the sheet, and following in pencil the outline drawn.
Simple to make, the toy consists of several elements: a sole, the body of the animal, two articulated arms and an axle equipped with two wheels. The removable maneuvering rod is fixed on the block. After painting the elements, the assembly is done by screws and bolts for the front legs, without forgetting to insert the big nut that the squirrel embraces between its claws.

Cut out the body and legs of the squirrel

Draw the body of the animal.

  • Draw the body of the animal in pencil on a sheet of squared paper.
  • Then reproduce it on a plywood 15 mm thick. using carbon paper.

Cut out the outline with the jigsaw.

  • Use the tip of the board: the piece will be easier to attach to the workbench with clamps.
  • Cut the contour with a jigsaw equipped with a scroll blade.

Realize the mouth of the squirrel.

  • Cut out the squirrel with thinner blades for tight rounds or notches, and wider for low curvature lines.
  • Shaping the stuffy.

Realize the ears with a handsaw.

  • Tighten the body between two holds on a vise.
  • At the top of the head, make the ears giving two hand saws with slanting fine teeth.

Cut out the legs of the squirrel.

  • Create the paws by transferring the design to carbon paper on laminated parquet falls (here 12 mm thick).
  • Cut them out.
  • Sand with abrasive 80 then 120.

Make the toy stand

Draw compass with arcs on the carrier plate.

  • The carrier sole (length 20 cm) is taken from a fir fall of section 2 x 9 cm.
  • To round off the four corners, draw the arcs with a compass (R = 3.5 cm).

Grind the corners of the sole with the rasp.

  • Secure the board to the workbench using the clamp.
  • Cut the first two rounds then the other two.
  • Then grind the corners with a rasp and sandpaper (80 then 120).

Succeed the base of the body and the sole with screws.

  • Combine the base of the body and the base with three countersunk screws (Ø 5 x 40 mm), ensuring alignment and centering.

Cut out the outline of the wheels with a scrolling blade.

  • Draw the wheels with a compass on a plywood 15 mm thick.
  • Cut out the outline with a scrolling blade following the line.
  • Sand all edges (80 grit then 120 grit).

Wheels and axle of the toy.

  • The train has a axle pulled from a cleat (15 x 15 mm), pierced axially by two pilot holes (Ø 2.5 mm). It will receive two pan head screws (Ø 5 x 45 mm).

Locate the location of the axis of the legs before drilling.

  • Between the two legs, the hazelnut, pierced, is retained by a rod of Ø 2 mm connecting each side.
  • On the body, locate the location of the axis of the legs before drilling.

Fix the undercarriage under the soleplate.

  • Fix the undercarriage under the soleplate.
  • The axle is located in the middle, perpendicular, overflowing on each side. Two countersunk screws (Ø 4 x 30 mm) connect the two parts.

Mount the cane and assemble the toy

Drill an oblique hole on a block of wood.

  • The cane is connected to the body.
  • With a block of wood (25 x 50 x 45 mm), block the piece in the vise.
  • Drill an oblique hole (Ø 16 mm) leading to the opposite edge.

One of the faces of the base of the toy is curved.

  • The base has an inclined, slightly curved face to accommodate the maneuvering rod behind the body. It is fixed on the sole with three screws.

Paint all the pieces of the toy.

  • After assembly then dismantling, cover all the parts with two layers of acrylic paint.

Collect two cones on the mastic cartridges for the squirrel's eyes.

  • For the eyes, recover two cones from the sealant cartridges.
  • Degrease them.
  • Tint them in shiny black on half of the surface, leaving a white triangle to give relief.

Assemble the cane.

  • Assemble the rod, tightened by a screw. This type of fixing screw is easily found in DIY superstores and can be purchased individually.

Place a rod in the ends of the legs.

  • Drill the ends of the legs (non-through holes) to house a rod to hold the nut in place.

Screw the nutcracker assembly onto the body.

  • Insert lSet of legs and hazelnut on the body. A screw (Ø 3 mm) joins the whole thing.
  • Tighten with a tubular key and a screwdriver. A fan washer under the nut prevents loosening.

Toy mounted.

  • The toy with its maneuvering rod is finished. He's just waiting for a child to trot it!

Mounting diagram

How to make a wooden toy on wheels: screws

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