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How to make up for a difference in level with underfloor heating?

There is an important difference in level between the living room and the dining room (a walk of 12.5 cm) from the house we are planning to buy. Is it possible to equalize the two levels knowing that there is underfloor heating under the tiles of the two rooms?

If the height of the room whose floor is the lowest is sufficient, nothing prevents, to make up the difference in level, to sink a concrete slab from 8 to 10 cm thick and then a screed 2 to 3 cm and the coating of your choice to align the two floors.
However, you will lose the efficiency of the underfloor heating of this room (you will heat this slab from the inside in pure loss).
In this case, it would be appropriate to review the heating circuit to reserve it for the room where you have not remade the floor, providing additional heating for the room whose floor has been raised (radiators connected to the boiler, electric heaters or wood stove).

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