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Moving is a step that is organized from the first carton to the choice of the vehicle. With a little method, you will avoid that your move becomes a chore.

How to make your own move?

Make the boxes

It is tempting to get boxes here and there. If this solution saves money, it is not to be preferred. Indeed, the cartons will be of various sizes, so difficult to store in the vehicle. In addition, they may not be strong enough to support the weight of the items that will be placed there.
To fill the boxes, protect anything that is fragile (dishes, glass...) with newspaper or bubble wrap. Prefer small boxes for books so you can handle them without difficulty. Whatever the load, do not overload the cartons. Finally, note on the cardboard the contents and the room where it must be unloaded in order to save time during unpacking.

Disassemble the furniture

Moving furniture without disassembling it has two disadvantages: they may not be able to withstand movement, and needlessly grow in the vehicle. Whether kit or old, it is advisable to disassemble them taking care to store the hardware in a bag and to reference the elements to be able to reassemble easily

Rent a suitable vehicle

Rent a commercial vehicle adapted to the volume to be moved, taking into account the distance to be covered and the number of trips possible. If in doubt, seek advice from the rental company. To load the vehicle, place the heavier cartons, furniture and major appliances first to secure them with straps. Try as much as possible to keep a load order piece by piece.
If for one reason or another you could not move in directly, the best solution for storing furniture and cartons is to use a storage cabinet for the time to install properly.
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