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With winter coming, homes will enjoy more and more of a good fire in the evening to warm up. Nevertheless, are you tired of your old fireplace? It is quite possible to give it a second youth and a little modernity without calling a professional and without being a specialist in DIY. We offer some solutions to revamp your fireplace without spending a budget.

Repaint your fireplace

You have a small budget and you do not have time to do heavy work? Remember to spend a good brushstroke for a maximum budget of 100 €. It is imperative to adapt the type of paint according to the material in which your fireplace is built: wood, marble, brick... In any case, it will be necessary to clean the surface and apply an underlay to allow the paint to to be homogeneous and to be well fixed.

Old fireplaces, especially wood and brick, tend to be very dark. It is therefore advisable to use a clear paint (white, beige...) to brighten the room where it is and bring brightness. Your room will only seem larger. The current trend is also very electric colors and pop like duck blue, purple, yellow mustard that come to break a room too bland. You can also play on the colors by painting the pipe and the coat in different shades.

Install a formwork

The most common with a too rustic chimney is to pose a contemporary formwork which gives the impression of a new chimney and in the air time. This installation is ideal for the imposing chimneys of the 70s in brick and wooden beam. You can make your formwork yourself with wooden planks or have it custom built by a professional. However, it is essential to install fireproof panels. Depending on your budget, it may vary from a few tens of euros to a few hundred.

In addition to being design and aesthetic, it is possible to create storage spaces to store your logs or make a library on the side of your fireplace. Enough imposing, it is better to stay in neutral tones such as anthracite gray, white or the concrete effect.

Lay a cladding board

You want to modernize your fireplace while keeping a little traditional look? Cladding boards are the solution. For a natural look, prefer them in natural white stones of beige-gray color. If you want a more contemporary style, choose slate for a design style or brick for industrial style loft. It will take between 15 and 80 € per square meter.

The cladding board is also advantageous since it protects the walls from heat. You will avoid paint cracking and possible cracks around the pipe.

Add decoration

Camouflaging the rusticity of your fireplace is not everything! Give it a decorative function by adding beautiful modern objects. Hang a designer mirror overhanging the mantel of your fireplace and in which your objects will reflect. Spread some pastel candles, transparent or black vases and end with a pretty green plant not too invasive. You can also surround your fireplace with a pretty garland that will reflect in the mirror or place a contemporary lamp.

To push the decoration to the end, some forms exist in the form of mirror or lacquered black. The possibilities are almost limitless.

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