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Even before the construction of your house, it is important to consider the orientation of the building. Good exposure not only contributes to the comfort of the inhabitants but also has an impact on energy consumption. For an optimal orientation, it is necessary to take into consideration the positioning of the sun, the specificities of the ground, the various external elements without forgetting the way of life of the owners. Here are some ideas and suggestions for how to orient your home...

How to orient your house

How to orient your house

Orientation of living rooms

The orientation of living rooms is essential since you spend a lot of time there and we receive friends and loved ones. It is important that we find a good brightness and an optimal temperature throughout the year. While heating, air conditioning and lighting contribute to maintaining a comfortable atmosphere, good orientation saves energy and therefore money. The stay is ideally south oriented to enjoy the warmth in winter and has to offer a beautiful panoramic view on the garden or the pool. On the bedroom side, these are preferably oriented towards the South-East or is in order to enjoy the first morning sun rays.

Rooms facing north

The bathroom as well as the toilet, office or dressing room are rooms that can be directed towards the North. In these functional places, we do not particularly need a lot of light. The guest room also finds its place as well as the garage, the entrance, the storage room, the cellar or the laundry room.

And the kitchen?

To know how to orient your house on the kitchen side, you have to ask the right questions. Indeed, the choice of the orientation of the kitchen Much depends on the habits and lifestyle of the inhabitants of the house. If you spend a lot of time, it is better to go south. It is also advantageous to focus on an orientation that is both south / east or south / west. In this way, you can enjoy breakfast or dinner while enjoying the first (or last) rays of the sun.

If we want to avoid intense heat in summer, the kitchen will settle north, it all depends on the area inhabited and the habits of the meals. In this case, the room will be rather dark. Anyway, it must be ensured that the kitchen is not too far from the places where one takes the meals, that it is the dining room, the stay or the terrace.

In summary, the choice of home orientation takes into account the lifestyle of each, the region and the outdoors.

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