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The gun is a tool that greatly facilitates painting. The work is done quickly and efficiently, whatever the specificities of the wall. However, to make the most of the advantages of this paint accessory, you have to control its operation and follow a few rules at the time of painting.

How to paint with a gun?

How to paint with a gun?

How does a paint gun work?

No need for brushes or rollers, with this professional tool, the paint job is much easier. The product is diffused in fine droplets which are deposited little by little on the support.

Beyond the ease of useeven on hard to reach surfaces, it is also a technique to obtain a smooth and homogeneous result, making it a very interesting accessory for the application of a glossy or satin paint. In any case, the painting is done much more quickly. Before painting with a spray gun, it is important to protect areas that are not painted, as with any painting job.

Prepare the painting

Above all, it must be emphasized that any type of painting can be applied using a gun. Nevertheless, the product must be more liquid for a successful spray. It is then necessary to thin the paint by adding between 5 and 10% diluent. In general, the amount to be added is indicated on the paint bucket, knowing that an acrylic or vinyl paint is diluted with water while a glycerophthalic or polyurethane paint is diluted with white spirit.

In addition to painting, it is also necessary to prepare the support, which must be clean, dry and smooth. Then, do not neglect the protection of the surroundings, because the paint with the gun fuse everywhere and it is sometimes difficult to control it when one is not a professional painter. And importantly, the user must protect themselves with a mask not to breathe toxic substances.

Spray painting: the different phases

Once the paint is diluted, the respect of the dosage indicated on the packaging, adjust the spray tip. Before the first run, it is recommended to carry out a test on a test surface (a piece of cardboard for example).

For efficient spray painting, hold the unit upright, a distance of 25 centimeters from the support. The gun will then be moved parallel to the wall with slow but homogeneous gestures. Two layers are necessary for a satisfactory and aesthetic rendering.

In all cases, spraying must always be done with an arm always in motion to avoid creating packages and drips. After application, let the substrate dry and clean the appliance with water or white spirit depending on the type of paint used.

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