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The paneling has a bad reputation since it was used for a long time as misery and considered cheesy. Always present in some houses, do not try to remove it and think rather to modernize it thanks to the painting, it can become a real trump charm that integrates perfectly in modern interiors. Say goodbye to the chalet look! With the proper paint and the right techniques, you will give your walls or ceilings a second youthful wood paneling. And yes, paneling can be trendy!

Sand and clean the paneling

Depending on the type of paneling you want to bring up to date, it is important to prepare the surface properly. Indeed, some handymen on Sunday forget this first essential step that will allow to hold your painting.

The rough panel is the one that requires the least preparation. With a brush and a lint-free cloth, you just dust off the surface to be modernized. You should only sand if your wood has aged badly.

For waxed or oiled paneling, it is essential to sand it with a sander or sandpaper for the most courageous. Indeed, your paneling will be too fat for a material to adhere to it. After having sanded, do not forget to dust all as for the rough paneling.

Finally, paneling in varnished, painted, stained or PVC wood needs to be well cleaned with a suitable detergent product. Once you have rinsed well and your wood is dry, it will smooth your paneling manually by sanding with sandpaper. Finish it by dusting the surface. Be careful, for the PVC paneling the ginning must be light. Choose a very fine grain for your sandpaper.

Paint the paneling

Once you have worked your surface well, you can tackle the painting. No matter what choice you make, two coats of paint will be needed for a consistent and long lasting result. You must also protect the surfaces to be painted with a masking tape that does not damage your walls.

If you only want to give a new look to your paneling while keeping the appearance of wood, opt for clear or colorless varnish. You can also use an indoor stain that brings out the details of the wood while coloring it. Favor the stain and varnish on a rough paneling or already varnished. - efetova

To leave the wood grain visible while giving color to your paneling, the whitewash is a good intermediate. It will bring a transparent finish while adding color to your surface. Your paneling will have a side whitened and patinated very modern. It is mainly applied on a rough paneling, varnished or painted with a very clear paint.

To completely revise the paneling, painting is obviously what will give a real stroke of modernity. A special painting to paint the wood will allow you to cover your slats. Despite a strong smell, the oil paint is suitable for wood paneling, it is leachable so easy to maintain. Acrylic paint, also recommended for wood, is more practical to install but it consists of resins that dissolve in water which does not make it cleanable. Not to be fooled, there are special paneling paintings. They adhere strongly to previously painted surfaces or PVC paneling and have the advantage of protecting from moisture.

Ideas for a decorative paneling

When you have made the choice of your type of painting, all you have to do is choose the color. White is the most widely used color that can be applied to any room in your home. For a wood-paneled ceiling, it is advisable to use white paint to give more height to your room. To integrate the paneling in a contemporary interior, it is better to choose neutral colors such as mouse gray, petrol blue or, conversely, bright colors. If you like industrial style, consider metallic colors.

For a child's room or a bathroom, you can also switch colors. For example, two white slats for a navy latte and so on.

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