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You have the project to create or renovate your kitchen! Cooks are experts who take care of everything from taking measurements to finishing touches. Before meeting this professional, here are some tips to prepare your appointment with a cook...

How to prepare a meeting with a cook?

How to prepare a meeting with a cook?

Define your cooking style

The kitchen models have evolved well and today this piece has become a real friendly place to live where you spend a lot of time with family or friends. Before making an appointment with a cook, it is important to choose the design you want to bring to your kitchen. At this moment, the trend is more contemporary chic style. Stainless steel and wood are often associated for a perfect marriage that offers both strength and aesthetics, functionality and beauty of materials.

It's also important to know if you want a standard kitchen or a custom kitchen and personalized. The kitchen fixtures are experts who will be able to provide you with adapted solutions and optimize the space. If you renovate your kitchen, a good tip is to note what you dislike nowadays: decor, color, ergonomics... The cook will take into account so as not to reproduce the same mistakes, it would be a shame!

Establish a checklist of cooking questions

On D-Day, it is important to list all the questions you want to ask the cook, for example:

  • Open kitchen or closed kitchen
  • Style of workplan
  • Implantation of household appliances
  • Built-in furniture or not
  • Selection of the kitchen hood according to your needs
  • Choice of materials (wood, stainless steel, waxed concrete...)
  • The arrangement of the luminaries
  • The place of the sink, the dishwasher and all your ideas of arrangement...

It is essential to take the measurements, the ribs and pictures of the room even approximately. The cook will be able to realize what is possible or not. Once there, the meters will be taken to the millimeter by the professional in order to adjust closer to the kitchen furniture.

The cook will also be interested in your lifestyle. For example, the design will not be the same if you have a large family or if you are a couple or single. It will take 2 hours of minimum meeting during this first meeting.

Define the kitchen budget upstream

The price of a kitchen varies according to many parameters. To study the budget in the fair, it is advisable to break down the various positions that will constitute the kitchen: the furniture, the work plan, the hood, appliances...

If your budget is tight, you can opt for a Consumer credit.

Before the purchase of the kitchena cook will ask you the right questions to create the kitchen of your dreams. A kitchen quote will be established with all the details of the installation and materials. If it suits you, you will be established purchase order to finalize the purchase.

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