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Ideal solution for students or small budgets, the roommate not only saves rent but also the opportunity to know new interesting people. But beware, the dream can quickly turn into a nightmare, because choosing a bad roommate can jeopardize a project yet gone. Here are some tips for how to choose your roommate (s)...

Feel free to consult real estate websites specializing in roommates that offer very detailed forms that are practical for better target his future roommates. It is advisable to make a first selection by mail or telephone to sort the profiles that correspond to you.

Then prepare your appointment by providing a list of questions on the most important topics including those related to everyday life. Do not stop at a single appointment, but it is advisable to meet several times the different candidates before making a decision. After a few meetings, the choice will be obvious.

The criteria of choice for a successful roommate

For choose your roommate (s), a good feeling is not enough. The ideal roommate is especially a person with a temperament and a lifestyle compatible with the other inhabitants of the housing. Then discuss topics such as work schedules, the presence of an animal, the practice of an instrument, income, lifestyle, cigarette consumption...

If we want to focus our research in order to enrich or balance the life of a roommate, the criteria will be more about choosing a man or a woman, about a foreign student or about an older person.

Address the daily without taboos

As much as things are clear from the beginning! Indeed, daily tasks in a roommate can quickly become a weight and a subject of contention. Present potential candidates with a charter of good behavior, rules of procedure or just a detailed listing and a general schedule to discuss the frequency and the distribution of chores such as crockery, cleaning, bathroom maintenance, garbage cans, shopping (shared or not), use of heating and air conditioning, purchase of household products, etc...

The budget aspect is also essential. Even if the rent share is low, it must be ensured that the future roommate is solvent and can pay rents every month. Attention, all the roommates who signed the contract are responsible for unpaid rent.

Mistakes not to commit when looking for a roommate

The most common mistake is to choose your roommate (s) from friends or family. Unfortunately, it is often a failure because living together is not the same as spending a few days together, with family or traveling.

Also beware of the interviews during the appointment, it is not a hiring! Your roommate is not your future employee. The interviews should be done in a relaxed atmosphere and be based on exchange and discussion, we must not forget that the choice is reciprocal.

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