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In renovation as in new construction, the choice of windows is a step that must be well thought out. Aesthetics, budget, energy and acoustic performance, maintenance... are all criteria to take into account to make the right choice and get a result up to your desires!

PVC, wood, aluminum windows meet all needs

PVC, wood, aluminum windows meet all needs

What to do before changing windows

In renovation, replace a window or create a new opening changes the appearance of a house. It is therefore imperative to contact the urban planning department of your town hall to complete a work permit. If your house is located in a subdivision, also ask the trustee to do the work in the rules.

Choose the material for your windows

The choice of material depends not only on the tastes of each, but also on the architectural characteristics of the house, the level of insulation desired and the available budget. Standard window or customized, you choose according to your needs.

  • Wood is the warmest material. A wooden window adds character to a home, whether classic or contemporary. Elegant, insulating and recyclable, a wood carpentry is particularly adapted to the architectural constraints of the saved sectors. On the other hand, the wood needs regular maintenance to maintain its brightness.
  • aluminum ensures a refined decor, ideal in contemporary homes or architect homes. High-end, an aluminum joinery lends itself perfectly to the tailor-made and can be used for very large openings. Other advantages: aluminum requires low maintenance and has a long service life.
  • PVC is the most used material for windows because it has very good technical performance for an unbeatable price / quality ratio. Resistant to various climatic conditions and pollution, a PVC window has a long life. The available colors are numerous and the maintenance remains very limited.

Choose the type of opening of a window

Consisting of two leaves that open towards the interior of the housing, the French window is the most commonly installed opening. This type of window can be associated with a tilt and turn opening, which allows to ventilate a room in any discretion. If you do not have enough space to open the leaves, you can direct your choice to the sliding windows. Made of wood or aluminum, this solution saves space.

Choosing the glazing of a window

To enjoy a good thermal comfort, single glazed windows are to be replaced by double glazed windows, even triple glazing in some cases. The double glazing offers a very good thermal and acoustic insulation. On the other hand, if your house is located in a cold area, it is advisable to direct your choice towards triple glazed joinery. A very powerful solution, but which requires, due to its weight, dormant and adapted joinery. Finally, when making your choice, check that the thermal coefficient (Ug) of your glazing is as low as possible, so that the thermal insulation is efficient. At the acoustic level, we must rely on the weighted attenuation index (Rw), which must be as high as possible.

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