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To power a garage from the electrical panel of the house, we buried a cable of 3 x 6 mm and a 3 x 1.5 mm over 15 to 20 m. How to protect these lines at the start of the array at the arrival of the garage (4 x 6 mm and 4 x neon lights)?

Logically, the installation, drawn from the electrical panel of the house, is already protected by the differential circuit breaker of the board. On arrival at the garage, it is necessary to install a secondary panel including a differential switch 40A - 30 mA, and separately protect the circuits "taken" and circuits "lighting".

The circuits "taken" will be protected by circuit breakers 16A or 20A (depending on the power of the devices to be powered), and the circuit "lighting" by circuit breaker 10A or 16A.

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