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If hail is associated with the month of March, it is not uncommon that it also hits in April or May, or even in summer with thunderstorms. Also, it can do big damage on young plants and more mature. How to protect your garden from hail? Response elements.

How to protect your garden from hail?

How to protect your garden from hail?

The anti-hail net as protection of his garden

Although it is mainly used by professionals in the agricultural sector, the hail net can also be used by individuals to protect their garden. This net is made up of an ultra-resistant mesh against the hail fall causing a rebound effect; it can also be used in some cases as a shade sail.
There are anti-hail nets of all kinds, from the simplest for strawberries for example, to the most sophisticated for fruit trees.

The hail net mainly acquired from manufacturers. It is sold in specific measures or by the meter, prices starting around 3 euros per meter.
Other ways to protect your garden from hail
Without having to buy such a net that is still the best solution, there are other ways to protect your garden against hail.

Besides going back inside potted plants, a wintering veil can be put to other plants in the ground. Wooden planks can also be placed above the other vegetable and flower species to avoid hailstones.

The solutions for his garden after the passage of hail

Without these protections, hail causes many bruises: young plants and roses in two, trees and shrubs with severed branches, naked flowers, or shredded fruits and vegetables. In such a situation, different measures are needed to repair the damage.
The first is to treat injured plants with a product against mold and fungi, or a healing product for trees with branches that have been torn or split.

The second aims to remove all too damaged feet then to turn over the soil that has also suffered, so that the soil breathes properly again, and thus allow the plants to develop properly.
Finally comes the time to sow the empty sites, with fast growing species if necessary.

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