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Your home is old and your electricity is no longer in compliance with current standards. Be careful, the danger is real! You must consider work to ensure that your electrical system is in compliance with the regulations. For this you need to call a professional.

How to put an old electrical installation to the standards?

How to put an old electrical installation to the standards?

Electrical diagnosis to know if an electrical installation is up to standard

Before putting an old electrical installation standards, the first step is to have a diagnosis made by a professional in electricity. This qualified specialist will inspect the entire electrical circuit of your home. It will check the different power points to your devices and the ground connection in the hazardous parts (the pieces of water especially). It will thus be able evaluate the potential danger associated with your electrical installation.

The switchboard will also be tested. The technician will ensure in particular that this equipment includes all the mandatory elements. Once this diagnosis is made, it will either issue you a certificate of conformity, or it will invite you to quickly realize the electrical work necessary for your safety.

Work in electricity

The extent of work to be expected depends of course on the age of your installation. The standards currently in place are primarily intended to protect your home from fire hazards or even risks of electrocution. it's about the standard NF C 15-100.

The electrical panel must first meet certain criteria. It is imperative to have a circuit breaker and the presence of a surge arrester is also mandatory in some departments.

The electrician will then make an inventory of all your electrical appliances. This will also allow him toevaluate your electricity needs in order to allow you to foresee a contract at the fair with your energy supplier. The number of connections required will determine the size of the electrical panel. It should be noted that the current regulations impose a minimum number of catches per room: three catches for the rooms, five for the stay and four catches specialized in the kitchen to connect your appliance.

The technician will pay particular attention to the bathroom or the bathroom. The risk is increased because of the presence of moisture. Once the base of the circuit is in conformity, the electrician will take charge of taking the current of the electrical panel to each of your power supplies. Nowadays, no more apparent wires, safety being the main concern of professionals. All necessary cables will be placed in skirting boards or gutters provided for this purpose.

An old dwelling is rarely up to current electrical standards. If the electrical diagnosis is mandatory in case of sale of your propertyyou can have it done at any time to protect you. For a question of security andHome Insurance, it is strongly discouraged to do the work yourself!

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