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Mites are stubborn pests and present everywhere without it being possible to spot them! Scourge for allergy sufferers, their presence must be eliminated regularly. The prevention against mites is therefore a necessary part of the fight against these little animals. All knowing to acquire good reflexes!

Prevention against dust mites

A regular household, including an efficient vacuum cleaner, is one of the best weapons for preventing dust mites.

Prevention against dust mites: what are the risks for humans?

The mites are pests invisible to the naked eye and very resistant when they take up residence in the houses. Hidden in the dust, the tissues, they come into contact with humans through inhalation and skin contact. Harmless for many people, they cause very uncomfortable allergic reactions to many people:

  • respiratory disorders up to theasthma,
  • skin lesions Of type eczema (or atopic dermatitis).

People with allergic terrain can not be completely cured, but solutions exist to mitigate the effects of allergies such ashomeopathy or the desensitization.

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6 actions for effective prevention against mites

The fight against dust mites lies mainly in good prevention, synonymous with hygiene and anti-dust reflexes. Remember the 6 essential actions to effectively prevent the development of mites:

  • Ensure the humidity level in the home: a constant humidity of less than 50% prevents the development of mites (which appreciate the places at more than 60% humidity). To achieve this, the air dehumidifier can be a good helper.
  • Maintain a reasonable temperature in winter: it is winter, when we heat up or overheat the houses that mites proliferate.
  • Wash the fabrics regularly at 60° C: duvets, sheets, pillowcases, curtains... all the fabrics of the house are to wash at high temperature to kill these pests.
  • Vacuum frequently: do the housework often and especially by sucking all the dust must become a reflex! This prevents the accumulation of these debris where mites multiply.
  • Air every morning: summer and winter, complete ventilation of the house for at least 30 minutes is essential!
  • Banish the following materials from the house: carpets, rugs... are real mite nests that should be avoided as much as possible.

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