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Energy consumption is an increasingly important budget for households, as the price of electricity increases each year a little more. Here are some tips to reduce, sometimes significantly, your electricity bill.

Avoid thermal losses

To avoid heat losses, you must first isolate your home and especially the roof that can let up to 30% of the heat. It is also necessary to make sure of the good sealing of the windows.

At the level of daily actions, remember to turn off the radiators when you open the windows, close shutters and curtains at night, in winter. You can also install a programmable thermostat that allows you to heat some rooms such as the kitchen or living room during the day, but not the bedrooms, and conversely at night.

Moderate your hot water consumption

Hot water is one of the main sources of energy expenditure. A few simple things can save you money.

First, prefer showers to baths. Indeed, a shower of four to five minutes consumes between 30 and 80 liters of water and costs about 0.10 euro in electricity. A bath consumes 150 to 200 liters of water, or 0.25 euros. Also install economizers for your faucets.

Consume at maximum during off-peak hours

Some EDF contracts specify two time slots in each day: peak hours and off-peak hours.

Consuming during off-peak hours makes it possible to pay for electricity at a reduced rate. For example, operate your dishwasher or washing machine on these off-peak hours.

Optimize the use of the refrigerator and freezer

The fridge and the freezer are big energy consumers because they work 24/7. To limit their consumption, it is better to place them in a cool and ventilated place, far from the sources of heat, for example, an oven. You must also avoid opening them too often unnecessarily or placing hot foods in them.

Avoid leaving devices on standby

When Hi-fi devices (television, DVD player, computer, channel...) are on standby, they continue to consume electricity. The same is true for devices with a transformer such as phone chargers. So remember to disconnect your cables when you do not use them and turn off your Hi-Fi devices by equipping them, if necessary, a power strip with switch.

Use low energy light bulbs

Low energy light bulbs, the only ones on the market today, consume 75% less energy and last 5 to 10 times longer than regular light bulbs.

Opt for renewable energy sources

Renewable energies, although still not widespread, tend to develop. It is therefore quite possible to create your own energy thanks to photovoltaic panels or mini-wind turbines. This is a significant investment, but the energy produced can then be sold back to EDF.

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