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The notary fees charged to the buyer are inseparable from an act of property for which they guarantee the legitimacy. Between the emoluments of the notary and the taxes that come back to the State, some tips to reduce all of these costs.

During'a real estate transaction as a buyer, if you go through a real estate agency, consider paying him his commission directly. As a result, this sum set apart does not enter into the calculation of notary fees. So many savings to achieve. If the mandate states that the agency fees are the responsibility of the seller, you are free to change without penalty.

If the property contains movable elements such as a kitchen, appliances, furniture left behind, lighting, a garden shed, etc. think of making an estimate that will appear on the sales agreement. Indeed, this sum will not be taken into account and will not be included in the notary fees which only relate to real estate.

This process is valid for new or old buildings.
It is necessary to calculate the value of the movable property on the basis of the duly dated invoices by applying a possible coefficient of obsolescence.

Points to negotiate with the notary

Yes the taxes that come back to the state are fixed, the share that goes to the notary can be the subject of negotiations. Especially since the Macron law in force since May 2016, allows notaries to consent until 10% discount on their emoluments, on transactions higher than 150.000 €.

To know. Since the same law 2016, the emoluments of the notaries have decreased by 1.4%.

For those who do not go through a real estate agency, the compromise fees can also be negotiated when they are not included in the sales fees. This is the case when the notary carries out specific steps that he is entitled to charge freely.

To know. New housing is taxed less than old housing. The land tax is lighter and represents only 2 to 3% of the total price. While for an old home, it takes 8%! Attention, to be classified new housing, the construction must be less than 5 years, to have been bought off plan and not to have been the subject of a sale during these 5 years. Individual houses resulting from a construction contract are excluded.

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