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I have a gas boiler with suction cup (heating and hot water), in pavilion RDC + 1, built in 2010. the boiler is installed in the DRC in the kitchen, my problem is on the floor every time it must leave pour 2 to 3 liters of water to get hot water !!! I would like to have a solution please to this waste.

For reduce the time of arrival of hot water, several solutions are possible.
- supply the domestic hot water of the first-level bathroom with a dedicated water heater or one electric balloon
- Install directly on the hot water pipe, just before the water point, a cumulus with a capacity of 20 liters, sufficient to obtain instantaneous hot water, the hot water of the pipe then taking over.
- install on the hot water pipe a heating tape type "Raychem" or similar
- install a circulator on the hot water pipe
- insulate the hot water pipe, in order to limit heat loss on the path between the boiler and the water point

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