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A mottled chair in a garage sale finds colors and a new youth with this customization to the fabric paint after being re-taped linen.

Recycle a Louis XVI style medallion chair

Necessary material

  • Heather chair or chair to paint (AM.PM La Redoute)
  • A sample jar of matte paint
  • Sewing scissors, sewing pins
  • 1 m of linen color string in 1.70 m wide
  • Wall stapler and staples
  • 3 meters double beige piping
  • Tube of 140 g of glue with trimmings
  • Felt for fabric
  • Flower pattern embroidered with pearls
  • Paper plate
  • Fabric paint: plum, oriental red, red ocher, white, spring green, anise green
  • Fine and medium brushes
  • Iron, pattemouille

  • Difficulty level: Difficult
  • Completion time: 6 hours excluding drying time (1 hour for painting wood, 2 hours for upholstering and 3 hours for painting the fabric).

Enlarge the pictures and print them to get the flower pattern. Practice painting this pattern first on a tissue sample.

How to refresh a Louis XVI medallion chair: refresh

How to refresh a Louis XVI medallion chair: chair

Pass two coats of light gray paint over the wooden structure.
Allow to dry between each coat.

Cut the linen according to the model of the backrest and the seat of the chair.

Dress up the folder

Staple the top and bottom of the backrest as tight as possible.
Continue by placing the staples regularly all around.
A piping will then hide them.

Dress up the seat

For the seat, staple the front in two points then the back and the sides.
Make the claws on the front, stretching the fabric well.
Flatten the edges by sticking them, then apply the piping all around.
Secure with pins to hold in place during drying.

Decorate the folder

In the fabric felt, trace the contours of the flower on the backrest.
Pin the beaded pattern: it will serve as a heart to the painted flower.
In a paper plate, put a little paint of each color.
Following the drawing, paint (with water) each petal varying shades for a "velvety" effect.
It is important not to wet the brush too much so that the bottom linseed appears and is not covered evenly with paint.
Add around the flower elongated leaves in shades of green.
Once dry (1 hour later), glue the beaded pattern with the fabric glue.
Fix it with a pin the time of drying.

Decorate the assisse

For sitting, paint soft, elongated leaves.
Here, two flower buds are added for a purple note (two circles painted in plum).


Leave to dry for 24 hours.
Iron with a pattemouille to fix the colors and clean with water the possible stains.

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