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If PVC or aluminum shutters require very little maintenance, the traditional wooden shutters that give character to any home, need to be renovated, every 5 years or so. Preparation and outline of a facelift of old shutters...

How to renovate old shutters

How to renovate old shutters

Prepare renovation of old shutters

Question of common sense, we must tackle the renovation of wooden shutters, in the summer. This facilitates the drying of various treatments. To work freely, it is recommended to
remove the shutters of their hinges. This easy operation on the ground floor can be more difficult for shutters upstairs.

In this case, be aware that there are mobile scaffolding, secure. Do not hesitate to be assisted by one or two people who will help you to receive them. Indeed, wooden shutters can be heavier than it seems. And if you have no taste for acrobatics, hire a professional.

Whether varnished or painted wood shutters, they must first be cleaned with a scraper to remove residues ready to fall. Then dust using a brush. If fittings and hinges traces of rustunscrew and soak in an anti-rust solution.

Treat and repaint old shutters

Depending on the condition of your shutters, especially if they are painted, a layer of cleaner may be necessary. For this operation work with gloves and prefer water-soluble products, less harmful to health.

After scraping all the residue, you will finally see the raw wood. If it is dug by fungi or insects, treat it with an anti-fungal. To fill the holes and recreate the worm-eaten parts, use wood pulp. Once it has dried, sand the surface with a thick grain of glass at first and then finer to complete the finish.

Then, just repaint, to apply a stain or varnish always in very thin layers and always in the direction of the veins of the wood. Refer to the leaflet of the selected product and look for paints that are both waterproofing and anti-fungal. Your restoration will only be more durable.

To know. Regarding the waste, avoid storing it in a garbage bin and think of the dump, out of respect for the environment.

Video Instruction: Restoring Old Shutters with Rejuvenate wipes!