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Your tile is old and damaged and you want to remove it? Follow these few tips that will allow you to know the equipment necessary for this operation, as well as the steps and actions to perform.

How to remove an old tile?

How to remove an old tile?

What equipment is needed to remove old tiles?

Before you look at the accessories themselves, you should stop at the most suitable method to remove your old tiles.

Indeed, the method will not be the same according to the type of tile, but also according to the surface on which the tiles are applied (wall or floor). After determining which is the most suitable method for your tile, you can consider equipping yourself with:

  • A angle grinder which allows the damaged tiles to be removed in order to replace them;
  • A hammer and chisel in order to take off the tiles;
  • Electric spatula;
  • A crowbar to remove tiles on the ground when placed on sand;
  • A sander which makes it possible to remove the residues;
  • A mallet that breaks the tiles on the floor and remove them;
  • A scraper seals which allows you to remove the joints without damaging the tiles, if you want to keep them intact for reuse.

Of course, you must also think about your safety and protect yourself by wearing gloves and goggles.

How to remove a wall tile?

Bathrooms and kitchens usually have tiling on the walls, and if you want to remove it, the easiest way is to use the hammer and chisel for the start of operations.

Start by equipping yourself with the scraper for remove the seal, This will allow you to place the chisel below the tiles to remove them.

You can place the chisel between the wall and the tile, and hit with the hammer directly on the chisel, properly dosing your strength to not damage the wall.

You will blow all the tiles one after the other until the last one.

How to remove a floor tile?

If you want to remove a tile on the floor, the method you will use depends on the type of installation of your tile. Indeed, if it is a tile laid on sand, you will only use the crowbar and lift each tile to remove them.

On the other hand, if the tiles are glued or sealed, you will follow these few gestures:

  • Start by scraping the joints using an angle grinder;
  • Blast the first tile with a mason's chisel and hammer;
  • When the first tile is removed, it will be possible to place the chisel between the floor and the tile, which will allow you to take off the other tiles;
  • Once the tiles have all been removed, remember to remove any leftover sealant and glue.

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