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If the tiles are cleaned easily enough and preserve long shine and cleanliness, it is far from the case for joints that get dirty and tarnish irremediably over time. In extreme cases, it is even possible that they give off an unpleasant odor with a risk to health. So, how to get rid of mold on the joints of a tile?

How to remove mold on tile joints?

How to remove mold on tile joints?

Why are the joints invaded by mold?

The molds are microscopic fungi. These microorganisms are a real plague in damp rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens. Encrusted at the level of the silicone joints, the mold definitely undoes the appearance of the tiled walls and therefore the aesthetics of the room. The molded seals do not ensure, moreover, a good seal and this can cause significant damage such as water leaks. Mold can also cause allergic respiratory or skin problems.

You should know that it is not just a problem of dirt. Most often, it is a moisture problem This is often caused by poor ventilation of the room or lack of VMC (controlled mechanical ventilation). Moreover, before going on a hunt for mold, one must first solve the problem of excessive moisture and lack of ventilation in the room by placing a dehumidifier for example.

4 methods for cleaning moldy tile joints

Lessiver, simply
The first technique to remove mold on tile joints is to use basic detergent to which you can add lemon juice or Marseille soap. Rub the black joints and dry well after the operation.

White vinegar: the miracle product
White vinegar is well known for its cleansing properties. Mix three doses of water for a dose of white vinegar. Soak a toothbrush with this mixture and vigorously rub the blackened joints. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry.

Baking soda: Grandma's recipe
Baking soda is particularly effective in case of major mold attack. A spoonful of BDS in a cup of white vinegar can work wonders. Rinse with cold water after 15 minutes.

And finally, in the last solution bleach: use with caution
Bleach is also a cleanser that is no longer present. But you must take precautions, because this product is corrosive: protect your hands with gloves. Just spray on the weathered joints and rinse after a quarter of an hour with plenty of water.

In some cases, clean the molds is not enough and it is necessary to remake the silicone joints on the borders of tiling for an impeccable result.

Video Instruction: How to clean the grout between your wall tiles and revamp mouldy mastic.