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The cellar is a place in the house that is not very busy, does not always receive light and can be left abandoned. Result: the door of a cellar often remains closed. Over time, a strong musty smell, rather unpleasant, can occur. Here are some tips to cool the atmosphere in a cellar, and why not create a wine cellar!

How to remove musty odors in a cellar?

How to remove musty odors in a cellar?

Musty smells of a cellar

When one enters a cellar, the place often feels the withdrawn. Sometimes the smell of mold is so strong and invasive that it becomes unbearable to stay in the cellar. There are several possible causes, including the mushrooms which proliferate on the spot.

Be that as it may, it's not enough to close the door and ignore what's going on behind it. It is important to adopt different measures to clean up this space atypical that can, for example, turn into a wine cellar.

How to remove musty odors in a cellar?

To get rid of the bad smell which pollutes a cellar, it is necessary to seek the origin of it. Mold, due to water infiltration, that develops in wet, dark recesses is often the first cause.

  • The classic products

Several solutions and treatments are possible to overcome these invasive fungi. Borax is a cleaning product that is easily found in specialty stores. It applies after removing particles of mold and saltpetre with a vacuum cleaner.

Ammonia mixed with water has the advantage of spraying mold. However, it is a very toxic product whose handling involves some precautions (mask, glove and protective eyewear). Be careful, never mix ammonia and bleach as this produces an oxic gas. Ammonia is ineffective on porous surfaces. The product should be allowed to act for at least two hours before rubbing and rinsing.

Among the products to overcome mold, we also find bleach which is only suitable for non-porous surfaces. It is applied in an airy room and taking care to protect hands and eyes.

To know
All these products are to be handled with care because the fumes of gas and projections on the skin are toxic. The intervention of a professional specialized in the treatment against moisture is recommended so that the "remedy" is durable and effective.

  • Natural products

Followers of natural methods can bet on less corrosive products such as hydrogen peroxide, baking soda or white vinegar. There are also moisture-absorbing absorbers that can limit the humidity level in a room.

Beyond the fight against mold, it is necessary to ventilate the cellar, allowing air to circulate better and evacuate unpleasant smells. If possible, you can take all the objects out of the cellar and wash them outside. They are then put back in their place after complete cleaning of the premises.

Once airyWell cleaned and healthy, the cellar can again become a place to go and why not create a room!

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