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Do you know how to plant nails, yes? But how to remove them when they are twisted, rusty and you stubbornly resist.
Here are some tips from savvy handymen to tear them away without the wall following or more reasonably, leaving unsightly traces...

How to remove old nails from a wall?

How to remove old nails from a wall?

The various methods to remove a nails in a wall

The stem of the nail you want to remove is visible, then use the claw or nail puller, provided for this purpose on the head of the hammer. Important, place a towel or magazine, against the wall, to avoid any marks on the paint or wallpaper.

If the nail head is fully depressed, use a nail file to clear it. Insert it on both sides of the nail head, gently levering it out of the stem. Once the stem is clear, use a small forceps to extract the nail from the wall.

If your wall has wood paneling, use a pincer instead. To clear the nail head, use the space at the bottom of each jaw of the tool to pry.

If the head of the nail disappears completely into the wood, play with a screwdriver to force the gap you have or a chisel to create an opening. If despite all your efforts, the nail still resists you can heat the head with the torch, to reduce its size and create a space that allows you to access it.

To know: Whatever the case, if the nail is twisted, remember to straighten before extraction. This to avoid any traces and other damage.

Why remove nails from a wall

When they are old, nails and rusty, nails can be dangerous, you can get hooked or get hurt. We must tear them off without delay. This operation is also necessary before sanding a wall or paneling. Nails, whatever their condition, represent an obstacle and go against all smoothing operation.

If you are a tenant and you move, the nails you leave behind are not welcome. It is therefore better remove them and then cover them again with smoothing plaster or plaster, so as to remove all traces.

Even if the result is not necessarily happy and the retouches more visible than the holes, some trustees or real estate agencies charge 1 euros or more, by hole not restocked, at the state of places of exit. All bad points to recover the full amount of your deposit.

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