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How to renovate a mineral concrete worktop?

How to renovate a mineral concrete worktop? Grease stains are embedded in it. Can we cover it with resin? There is also a place where this worktop is split because a sink has been installed. What to do? The house is rented in summer.

A decorative concrete, whatever its qualities, remains a material sensitive to stains and greases. Even more so for a house intended to be rented, it is not the ideal covering.
A smooth, non-porous and easy-to-clean coating must be retained. Earthenware, tiles, worktop melamine, are materials that will correspond much better to this use. In the current state of things, we can apply a colored resin that will both hide stains and fill any small cracks. The support must be perfectly degreased, slightly frosted and dusted. The resin should be applied with great care.

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