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Cast iron, strong despite their shapely shapes, wood-burning stoves go through the times by diffusing a regular heat, often today in additional heating. Before cracking for an old Gaudin, here are some tips for renovating it in the standards.

How to renovate an old wood stove

How to renovate an old wood stove

Wood stove: points to watch before renovation

Whether you recover an old stove in your surroundings or that you let try during a garage sale, caution is required. First reflex, watch for the less crack which would harm the tightness of the whole and would represent the risk of making you smoke.

The home also deserves special attention. If it is missing and visibly defective, the repairs would cost you more than the value of the stove.

Finally, ask a specialist about the emission rate of fine particles in the air during the combustion of your future stove. It is essential for your health and that of others.

To know. A wood stove is able to return up to 80% of the heat insulation energy of a log.

The steps of renovating a wood stove

The stove must first be cleaned, both inside and out. Just dust it scrupulously at first. Insist on the ashtray that collects the ash produced and the interior walls in contact with the flames.

To strip each element, brush them with a wire brush to remove any traces of rust. In some cases, the passage of a scraper may also be useful.
Use reinforced gloves because steel fibers can hurt your hands

To know. To eliminate stubborn stains such as grease, you can add white vinegar.

Once your stove without stains and without trace of corrosion of the metal, brush with 2 layers of a anti-rust product "special wood stove". This is an essential step for its longevity.

Then go outside. If you want to repaint it, start by sanding the surface to start on a healthy base. Do not forget the essential anti-rust treatment. Apply then a high temperature paint, up to 800°.

To know. If you see micro cracks in the glass, replace it without hesitation, new seals can only improve its sealing!

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