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A chair or a dresser that you have had for a long time does not please you anymore? You can bring them up to date simply by repainting them, this is the most practical renovation technique. Here are our tips to help you see things more clearly.

This renovation technique is inexpensive and remains the simplest. But what type of painting is best suited to restoring old furniture? The finishes will also be the time to use your creativity to bring a personal touch to your furniture. To prepare your renovation, however, you must know the materials of your furniture. Here you will find our tips to know everything about this renovation technique.

Type of painting

You must choose your painting if you want to have the expected result. It is advisable to choose a paint adapted to the support. Glycero paints are the most used for this purpose. They resist well, are opaque and form a film on the whole piece of furniture. For a glossy finish, choose products based on white spirit, suitable for wood. It is also important to know that special floor paints can be applied to wood.

Satin finish

The products used for iron, based on white spirit, also hang very well wood, without the need for a previous layer. Otherwise, you can use an acrylic product. To correctly determine the gloss level, it is advisable to use a glazer.

Well prepare the support This stage of the renovation is fundamental. For a dresser or raw wood chair, you must use an iron straw to remove the dead fibers. If you are renovating varnished furniture, it must be sanded until the wood is raw again. The waterproof sandpaper will be preferred for the painted supports, which it will be necessary to frost then to clean with a wet sponge.

Essential tools

For a quick renovation, use a low pressure gun. Above all, first test your product mix on a piece of cardboard beforehand. After applying the paint, let it dry for 24 hours. You can also use a brush or roller to paint your chair or dresser but the use of these accessories can only be done with Glycero or water-based paints.

Tips and tricks:

  • The underlayment is not an essential step with Glycero products and "special floors";
  • Sandpaper is recommended for melamine or laminate surfaces;
  • It is strongly recommended to apply two to three layers of product.

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