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Do you have to replace all the tiles to renovate a bathroom? Can we paint on this tile? Is putting Dumaplast (PVC decorative coating) on ​​the wall and Gerflor Senso (PVC adhesive) on the floor tiling a good solution? Can we put BA 13 on tiles?

If you feel that your bathroom is degraded, tired, old-fashioned... the ideal is to renovate it in the rules of the art, that is to say to deposit everything: tiled floor, wall tile, sanitary equipment... To achieve a more current, but also sustainable, forget the idea of ​​painting the floor, even with a resin: it is a solution that will not withstand time. It is however possible to do it on earthenware. However, you can put on the floor, without removing the old tiles, a plastic coating, in rolls or slabs. Adhesive slabs or tiles are not a good solution in a damp room. You can apply a lining plaster on the faience wall, after having degreased and slightly frosted, then repaint the surface with a special bathroom paint.

You can also ask plasterboard on wall tile (mechanical attachments required), to then rest on the faience.

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