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Repainting a parquet is a great way to relook a room at a lower cost or to hide the defects of a floor that has aged badly. But for the operation to be successful, it is important to ask yourself a few questions. Can we repaint all types of parquet? Which painting to choose and how to proceed?

What kind of parquet can we repaint?

To repaint a floor, it is better to do it on a floor that has not treated with a varnish or wax otherwise, you will need to pre-sand. The ideal is to repaint a floor raw nine pine, oak or light wood and without knots. Exotic woods are harder to cover because they are dark. If your floor has knots, it is best to close them before repainting.

Repainting a parquet: which painting to choose?

It is better to choose a parquet special paint because it contains a hardener and is much more resistant to shocks and wear. Unfortunately, it does not always offer a wide range of colors. It is also possible to repaint your parquet with a acrylic paint which offers many colors but must be protected by a varnish. If you want to reveal the veining of the wood, you can opt for a stain which will create a nice effect of transparency. The stain is more difficult to eliminate when you want to change color or return to a parquet floor. Color side, it's up to you to choose but know that the clear colors soften the room, bring brightness and create a sense of space. The darker colors give character to the room and warm the atmosphere. To repaint your parquet, count about 25 euros the pot of a liter of parquet special paint and 15 euros per liter for an acrylic paint but then you must add the price of varnish. The pot of stain is between 8 and 20 euros depending on the brand.

Repainting a parquet floor: how to do it?

If it is an old parquet repainting, it must first sand with sandpaper to remove all dirt and any traces of paint or varnish. Light sanding is also required between each coat of paint. For a new floor, just vacuum to remove all the dust. To properly cover your floor and obtain the desired color, it is recommended to apply at least three layers paint. Allow the time specified by the manufacturer to dry, otherwise you will damage the paint and shorten its life.

Good to know: If the wood of your parquet is very tannic (exotic wood, chestnut or dark oak), it is important to apply a product that blocks the tannin lifts before painting. In this way, you avoid finding yourself with dark spots on your painted floor.

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