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I live in a renovated farmhouse for 20 years. Three supporting beams of the floor of the first floor crack on a length of 20 cm width 2 cm deep enough. What can I do? On this floor there are two bedrooms and a shower room.

A cracking beam does not mean that its resistance decreases. At first, you can check if there is nosubsidence, and that the ground of the first level did not become a little more flexible. If you do not see any subsidence and loss of rigidity of the floorthere is no need to worry. If not, there are different ways to enhancement (studs, resins, pins, or pole), solutions that can be effective but expensive, to compare with the cost of replacing the beam concerned by a new. On an aesthetic level, if you want fill in the slots, slip dedan into force a "feille" of plywood to the mallet, then scrape with a chisel or plane.

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