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A heavy object has fallen on your receiver and now it is cracked. Can we fix it? Should we change it? Do not wait for the risk of significant damage due to water infiltration under the receiver. Our recommendations to repair your receiver.

How to fix a crack on a shower tray?

How to fix a crack on a shower tray?

Repair a cracked shower tray

A crack in a receiver may be due to poor quality of the material, poor installation, wear over time or pommel that fell on the tray. No matter where it comes from, as soon as you see a crack in your receiver, you must repair it as soon as possible.
To repair a small crack, we recommend using epoxy adhesive putty found in DIY stores.

Using a coating knife or spatula, apply generously epoxy adhesive putty to cover the whole crack. If it's a piece you need to pick up, be careful to cover the entire broken part. Remove the excess sealant while possibly holding the glued part. Attention, the sealant hardens quickly but it will be dry after a minimum of 3 days. After this time, sand the email and finish with sandpaper.

When to replace a shower tray?

A shower tray must be changed if it is not airtight, if you can not make it watertight after repairs of cracks or if the crack is important (more than 10cm).
Before testing a receiver, it must be completely dry. Close the bung with water-resistant adhesive tape so that no liquid can flow into it. Fill the shower tray with water with a bucket or an external tap; do not use the shower faucet. Leave the water for about twelve hours, checking the level regularly.

If the level drops but you do not see any leaks or water marks outside the bin, the change is required.
You can do it yourself by respecting the manufacturer's notifications but it is advisable to contact a professional for a compliant and waterproof installation.

Repair material

DIY stores offer a universal repair kit Epoxy specially designed for surfaces in contact with water. It contains resin and a hardener all without solvent and colorless, glass fabric to strengthen the part to repair and a charge to seal small irregularities. It also serves as a glue using only the resin and hardener.
For tools, you will need a spatula, sander, sandpaper and waterproof tape for leak testing.

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