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My downhill garage (80 m2) of 1992 is made of a slab of reinforced concrete of about fifteen centimeters thick, if not more, but in places it is undone, undoubtedly because of salt of clearing of snow. I would like to remake a screed on top, others tell me reinforced concrete, fiber concrete, mortar and different thicknesses. Not knowing who to believe, I address you to advise me in my approach. I have already received an answer from you on another subject, which has served me well and I thank you for it.

Repair the concrete of a garage run First of all, it implies that the areas to be reclaimed are perfectly cleaned, and free from various types of pollution, such as rubber tracks due to tires. You can then apply a fixing agent for concrete, then a fiber mortar, if these degradations are limited to 3/4 cm thick. If these degradations are deeper, consider covering the old slab of a screed, or even a new slab, on the whole surface of this descent. In this case, we must also ensure the good structural condition of the original slab. Otherwise - major cracks, uprisings, sagging, etc. - it is prudent to deposit the entire slab, to start on a healthy basis.

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