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A major leak in your flush causes excess water consumption (several tens of liters per day), so it is important to repair it as soon as possible. We offer some tips to stop the untimely flow of your flush.

How to fix a leaking flush?

How to fix a leaking flush?

The different causes of a flush leak

A flush does not have a complicated operating mechanism and its repair is quite simple. Water leaks are often caused by the deterioration of the parts inside your tank as a result of continuous contact with the water.

The most common causes of a flushing leak are:

  • the considerable presence of tartar,
  • a worn seal,
  • a float failure,

Apart from these three causes, there may be a flawed flush mechanism that will require its replacement.
For repairs at a lower cost, it is quite possible to make them yourself. But if you are not ready to do this repair yourself for a variety of reasons, call a plumber quickly.

How to fix a flush flush?

Before any flushing of a toilet flush, you must close the water tap, drain your tank and remove the tank lid.

1) Tartar cleaning

A foreign body may have slipped under the bell and the seal is no longer properly. Remove the central mechanism by turning it a quarter of a turn counterclockwise.
Pass on the bottom of the tank and under the bell with a sponge and vinegar water.
If your mechanism is scaly, put it in a few hours in white vinegar or an anti-scale product.

2) Replacement of a worn seal

Disassemble the flush mechanism if you have not done the previous cleaning and remove the old gasket.
Go to a hardware store with this one and after buying your new gasket, do the same thing again for the assembly.

3) Adjusting or replacing the float

The water level, which must be located below the overflow, is regulated by the float, except that it may occasionally become unregulated.

  • The adjustment is done manually for an integrated float valve by playing with the adjustment screw.
  • When the float is connected by a rod, you must twist it up to raise the water level or down to decrease the amount of water.

For replace the float, you need to disconnect the outside water tap of the float valve with a wrench.

If your flush is still leaking after all these repairs, it means that your flush mechanism is broken. Purchase a DIY toilet flush kit to replace the entire mechanism.

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