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When the battery of a smartphone makes the soul, as with this model, should it change or buy a new laptop? The answer is now in ready-to-use kits!

change the battery of the Iphone 4 S

The iPhone 4s battery is a lithium-ion battery that uses a gelled polymer as the electrolyte (conductive substance containing electrically charged ions).
It offers great autonomy and recharges in two phases: a fast at 80 \% of its capacity, then a second slower. Despite its performance, it has a theoretical number of loads of between 3,000 and 4,000 cycles (source: manufacturer).
But its life depends mainly on the way it is requested (applications, constant network search, etc.).

Find a new battery: how much does it cost?

The iPhone was not designed to be repaired by users. Its manufacturer offers two paid services with a 3-month warranty on the new part.
The first is to make an appointment at a store (Apple store) via the website On site, a diagnosis of the phone is practiced and the battery changed for a lump sum of 79 €.
The second service, called "Apple Care" (0805 540 003), sends someone to retrieve the mobile phone at the specified address after a phone call. He diagnoses it, repairs it, then the book at the same address for an additional cost (also lump sum) of 19 €, a total of 98 €. Before embarking on repair costs, it is better to check the model rating to be repaired.
Still recent, the iPhone 4s is a concentrate of technology that deserves a second life. The mobile rating website ( estimates the price of devices based on their intrinsic value on the French market.
According to the Argus, an iPhone 4s in good condition can resell about 132 €. Even if, through the comparison of the site, some of its partners specialize in the purchase of used phones, offer up to 140 € for a mobile out of service. Despite this, you need to put about 450 € out of his pocket to finance a new smartphone such as the iPhone 5c 16 GB.

A complete kit to carry out the repair

Good news! It is possible to change the battery of this type of expensive device for purchase. The site offers kits (part to replace + tools), to change the defective organ, as well as online tutorials for each operation, depending on the type of device. The kit for a battery of iPhone 4s is 25 €. And contrary to popular belief, its replacement is very simple to perform. The new battery is even guaranteed a year by the site.

repair an iPhone 4s

Shut down the notebook before handling.
Then, using the tools in the kit, unscrew the two pentalobe screws located on each side of the charging connector.

iPhone 4s battery change

Push the rear window upwards to move it approximately 2 to 3 mm. For this step, ensure a good grip of the device.

open an iPhone 4s

Remove the back without forcing so as not to damage the clips positioned under the glass.
If resistance is felt, make sure you have pushed your back to 2 to 3 mm.

remove the battery from an iPhone 4s

Unscrew the two Phillips screws that hold the battery connector to the motherboard. Use the cruciform 1.7 mm (red) and the second 1.5 mm (yellow).

a new battery for the iPhone 4s

Using the nylon spatula, slide the black switch and release it from the phone.
Lay it with the screws on a flat support so you do not lose any parts.

battery replacement of an iPhone 4s

Still with the spatula, gently pry on the side of the battery to disconnect it from the motherboard.
Raise the battery ribbon to 90°.

remove the battery from the Iphone

Leverage the right side of the battery by leaning on the chassis to lift it off.
Repeat this movement along the entire length of the battery.

Put a new battery in an iPhone 4s

Pull on the tab to remove the battery from its housing.
Place the new battery, then repeat all the steps in reverse to close the iPhone 4s.

Practical advice

• The manufacturer's warranty for the iPhone is one year. Before opening your mobile phone, it is best to ensure that it is no longer active because it becomes obsolete when an intervention is performed by persons other than those qualified by the manufacturer or bodies approved by the latter.
• To optimize the battery, it is recommended to activate the wifi to access data, adjust the brightness of the screen, retrieve messages less often, disable push notifications, reduce location services, use the mode plane where coverage is low or nonexistent.

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